WASAD Congress 2017

Anxiety and Stress -Translational Perspectives
14 – 16 September | Würzburg, Germany

Sponsors & Exhibitors 

The International Congress of the World Association for Stress Related and Anxiety Disorders which will be held from 14 – 16 September 2017 in Würzburg, Germany offers companies the opportunity to become sponsors, enabling them to promote their scientific endeavors. A technical exhibition will be organized in the foyers of the main auditorium close to the session rooms.

For further information and details please contact the WASAD office at info@wasad.de

WASAD - Industry Translation

Increase of mental stress in the working environment through

  • Increasing demands on qualifications and advanced training
  • Accelerated work- and communication processes
  • Increased demands on mobility and flexibility
  • Increased occupational uncertainty

Negative consequences

  • Physical fatigue
  • Monotony and mental problems
  • Burn-out, behavioral disorders and heart / circulatory diseases as possible long-term consequences
  • Days of absence at work are increasing
  • Growing costs of treatment burden the healthcare system

WASAD Congress

  • Informs about the latest scientific developments and subjects
  • Generates problematic issues (Burin-out, school stress, anxiety disorders etc.)
  • Provides a fundament to prevent mental stress on the job
  • Sensitizes employers and employees
  • Provides methods of resolution/ therapeutic approaches

WASAD offers associations and industry partners the following opportunities to be involved in the congress

  • General grant/ congress promotion based on individual proposals
  • Exhibition space in the dedicated area
  • Satellite/ Educational symposium
  • Grants for young scientists (Scholarships and posters)
  • Sponsoring of grant awards
  • Further co-operation options
  • WASAD Associate/ Sponsoring membership
  • Sustainable cooperation - application / realization/ therapy
  • Image cultivation/ presentations at WASAD events
  • Sustainable presentation of results in media/ newsletter/ article in IHK Journal
  • WB / training courses with the IHK or company-specific 1x / year (occupational optimization strategies, therapy options, enlightenment work, risk factors, prevention strategies)