WASAD Congress 2017

Anxiety and Stress -Translational Perspectives
14 – 16 September | Würzburg, Germany

Committees & Organizer 

Congress Presidents

Prof. Dr. E. Binder, Germany
Prof. Dr. P. Pauli, Germany

President WASAD

Prof. Dr. P. Riederer, Germany

Local organizing committee

Chair: Peter Riederer, Germany

J. Deckert, Germany
M. Gamer, Germany 
K. P. Lesch, Germany
A. Menke, Germany
P. Pauli, Germany
M. Romanos, Germany
S. Unterecker, Germany


Affiliate Organizer:

Institut für Physiologie I

SFB TRR 58 Fear, Anxiety, Anxiety Disorders
Robert-Koch-Straße 27
48149 Münster


+49 (0) 251 835 5530
+49 (0) 251 835 5551

Scientific Committee

E. Binder, Germany
P. Pauli, Germany

C. Büchel, Germany

C. Jacob, Germany

K. Domschke, Germany

S. Entringer, Germany

A. Fallgatter, Germany

D. Mehta, Australia

H. C. Pape, Germany

T. Renner, Germany

P. Riederer, Germany

N. Sachser, Germany

C. Vinkers, The Netherlands